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World Wide What?

This picture has been doing the rounds on Twitter (and Facebook, no doubt). It is supposedly from the front of The Sun newspaper – and clearly demonstrates how ignorant they are. People were only too happy to re-tweet the ignorant, … Continue reading

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A #wander Up a Church Tower

Disclaimer: Most of these pictures aren’t great as they were either taken in dimly lit rooms or stairways, or in incredibly bright sunlight, which meant that I couldn’t see where the camera had focused, or how it had light-balanced. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Detail from a folder cover

Because those posts with lots of photos of old magazines are very tall, and this blog really ought to be showing off my design work (how else is a freelance graphic and web designer going to advertise himself?) here’s a … Continue reading

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Housewife magazine, 1947

A few spreads from a 1947 edition of Housewife magazine. It is everything you would expect – patronising, shallow and chauvinistic, but it has a real old fashioned charm. One thing that stands out on reading it is the effect … Continue reading

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Promotional material for a theatre

A recent conversation on Twitter about improving theatre attendance reminded me about this brochure I did a long time ago. It is probably my favourite piece of work, so I’m slightly surprised I haven’t blogged it before. It was a … Continue reading

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