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#CAPOTW 12: Donkey Darko

Under the gaze of verdigrised victoriana, a cellphone starlings pointlessly. The full forgotten eye sockets of yesterdays aldermen and philanthropists, vandalised into blindness, witness the cycle continue. A weapon, blatantly concealed, its potential coruscating, will take everything. Later.

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#CAPOTW 11: Ten Pence Short

Heavy with loss, the scattered elements find no comfortable home – pulled from pillar to post, unformed, uncomfortable. All the old rules are gone. The old assurances, the old understandings, the rocks that we built our whole lives upon. Gone. … Continue reading

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#CAPOTW 10: Almost There

A dystopian future awaits, the ever promised hi-tech never delivering quite what it promised. It sells us short, cheats on us, takes our money and only half delivers, laughs (or beeps) in our face. We hurtle towards The Singularity, the … Continue reading

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#CAPOTW 9: The Big Push (and how it was made)

I’m sure you are all wondering how a Collaborative Art Project Of The Week is created. Well, here is how it grew from Monday to Friday. Monday   Tuesday Wednesday   Thursday   Friday. Finally!!

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#CAPOTW 9: The Big Push

They stand in the mud, as always. Boys from Burnley to Brighton, soon to brighten the soil of Flanders. There’s no place like home, familiar street names fail to rebrand mud trenches. Parapet, bulwark, earthwork, bastion. The unstoppable foe temporarily … Continue reading

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