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Graphic designers are NOT ruining the web

This was supposed to be one blog post, but it became too long for this type of site. If anyone expresses¬†any interest in the other two parts I’ll finish it. Let me know in the comments. This post is primarily … Continue reading

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Wasted on children, part 3

From The Wind In The Willows. The Boy is baffled by it, but seems to enjoy hearing it anyway.

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A billboard for Boots

I did this ages ago, but I still like it. A very simple concept (this is the last of the three stages…can you guess what the others were?), but the client liked it, and it beat offerings from much larger … Continue reading

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Graphic designers, save your work

This is a little essay to help graphic designers preserve their sanity. It is primarily aimed at them, because that is what I do for a living, but it is just as applicable for anyone else who creates work that … Continue reading

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Warm Inside

This isn’t the best quality photo, as it is a digital zoom run through Instagram. But you get the idea though.

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