An 8-Bit Style Logo

I was asked to re-draw a logo recently, and this is the result. The original logo had been created in a paint package at some distant point in the past, and subsequently been re-sized and re-used until it was all pixelated. It was this pixelation which gave me the idea to re-draw the logo in an 8-Bit style.

8-Bit Tree Logo

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Blood on the Ground – the book cover

Here’s a new book cover I’ve just done for HNS shortlisted author Michael Wombat. The title story, Blood on the Ground, is set in the Wild West, so that was inspiration for this rather woody design.

Blood on the Ground by Michael Wombat

To get your copy, visit his website (details coming soon) or tweet him at @wombat37

You can see previous book covers I’ve done for him here and here.

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Boats on the Trent


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Steam Engine, Papplewick

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Underground Reservoir, Papplewick

underground reservoir Papplewick

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