Housewife magazine, 1947

A few spreads from a 1947 edition of Housewife magazine. It is everything you would expect – patronising, shallow and chauvinistic, but it has a real old fashioned charm.

One thing that stands out on reading it is the effect the war still has on the country in 1947. From the advert that suggests “the war has aged her”, to an article written from the perspective of a wife of a British Army Of the Rhine officer and even the mention that the fuel emergency delayed publication – it is clear that it’ll be a long time before the war will become the distant memory that it is today.

Housewife Magazine, 1946

The effortless cleaners that are sweeping the country…

Housewife Magazine, 1946

Is that all there is for supper?

Housewife Magazine, 1946

When summer vegetables are plentiful, but there’s little left of the week’s meat ration…

Housewife Magazine, 1946

When someone whispered “the war has aged her”…

Housewife Magazine, 1946

Turban Mixed Fruit…

Housewife Magazine, 1946

There is no shortage of servants for the B.A.O.R wife in Germany…

Housewife Magazine, 1946

Housewife Magazine, 1946



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  2. From my blog yesterday: Housewife magazine, 1947

  3. anna ralph says:

    Hi Thom,
    I have the April 1947 edition and in it is an article about a baby home two young women set up during the war. My mum was put in that home as her parents were from Poland and she was brought up by the lady who ran it.
    I’m looking for further copies… do you happen to have one? Also, is there any mention of it in this issue? Trying to do some research 🙂 The article was written by Alice Hooper Beck.

  4. Fiona says:

    I have some copies from the 1960s that I got in a charity shop last month – Mary Berry was the cookery editor.

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