Promotional material for a theatre

A recent conversation on Twitter about improving theatre attendance reminded me about this brochure I did a long time ago. It is probably my favourite piece of work, so I’m slightly surprised I haven’t blogged it before.

It was a lot of fun to do, and the process included printing shapes and patterns on to thick sheets of tracing paper, scrumpling them up and running them through the fax machine. Then the resulting faxes where scanned in to Photoshop and used as either the black, orange or silver areas. To make it extra interesting (difficult), Photoshop back then couldn’t display these “spot” colours, so I had to work in black, yellow and cyan. It was only when it came back from the printers that I was able to see if it had worked.

Sheffield Theatres - How Much? campaignSheffield Theatres - How Much? campaign

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  1. From my blog: Promotional material for a theatre

  2. @NathanHuman And here was the theatre brochure for that initiative…

  3. Super work, even if I’m biased. Take a look: “@thorn_w: From earlier: A brochure I did for a theatre”

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