The QuarkXPress robot

If you ever used the wrong keyboard shortcut to delete something in QuarkXPress, this little fella would walk on screen and delete it for you. With his ray gun.

 I don’t use Quark any more, and I rather miss him.

Update: I notice from my site stats that quite a lot of people search for this little guy every day. So, as a treat, I’ve recorded him at work. The video might not work for everyone though – I did it on a Mac and can’t be arsed to check it on a PC.

Update 2: You can get him on a t-shirt here

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2 Responses to The QuarkXPress robot

  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

  2. A robot with a gun just walked into my Quark Xpress screen. I was scared first but then I found this:

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