Linkdump 23/08/11: My favourite blogs

I really like using an RSS reader (Reeder at home, Google Reader at work) and thought I’d share some of the sites I look forward to new posts from.


Daring Fireball
Very clever, very astute analysis of the tech landscape from a mostly pro-Apple stance, and lots of links to other interesting sites.

Adam Curtis – The Medium and the Message
Not everyone agrees with his documentaries, but he does great blog posts. With access to 50+ years of BBC source material, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the recent past, Curtis’ blog posts are my most anticipated.
A special mention for his posts on Kabul. Very interesting.

Scouting New York
He scouts NY film locations while keeping an eye out for the best bits of NYC. He genuinely enjoys the layered history and magic of New York, and it is infectious.

Charlie’s Diary
Breathtakingly clever author and creator of huge vertigo-inducing space operas, talks to – and at – his fans.

Lovely blog about everyday life in seventeenth century England. From provincial witchcraft to advice for chambermaids, often with contemporary woodcuts. Perfect.

The Cat’s Meat Shop
A great collection of – mostly – transcripts from Victorian news articles and books, detailing the endlessly interesting life of people in the capital 100 years ago.

Good Show Sir
A website featuring the best/worst of gaudy old pulp sci-fi book covers? Best Idea. Ever.

Letters of Note
Letters of Note is a very successful attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.

It is described at a webcomic romance, sarcasm, math and language. What more do you want.

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  1. Damn you, Thom White, for making me overload my RSS reader with so many wonderful blogs.

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