Lovely old packaging: Price’s “Sentinel” nightlights

I’m not sure how old these are, but the price ticket on them says they cost 3 shillings and nine pence – so they are pre-1972



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4 Responses to Lovely old packaging: Price’s “Sentinel” nightlights

  1. Kyle says:

    Try burning them, if the come out sepia then they must be very old.

  2. google says:

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  3. Justin Langford says:

    They were selling these up until the late 1980’s or very early 1990’s but now they all come in metal incased cups. I prefer the older night lights that were being incased in wax paper cups with the traditional design & old style wording.

  4. Robert Wood says:

    My father had some of these, stored in a cupboard under the stairs. He had them for years. They got lost after he passed. Brings back memories of the early 1980’s when my parents finally got to own their own home after years of working and saving. Thanks for the image, it brings back fond nostalgic memories.

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